Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jonathan Monteiro's Profile.

I have been in the Executive Search industry for about 3 years after working in HR for a reputable IT company listed on the main-board of Bursa Saham. My primary role was recruitment, as well as being involved in many of the other HR functions within the department for the company.

My move to headhunting was pre-meditated from my tertiary years and learning about the complexity and the challenges of the job. During my employment in HR and having dealt with various headhunters, I saw the need for industry centric and driven headhunters who add-value to both the organization and a candidate.

Combining my passion for people, technology, business and human resources, I ventured out into the headhunting industry and currently enjoying the ever challenging demands of the job. I have been mainly exposed to the IT industry but have done placements in other industries such as engineering, finance and aviation.

I am an avid mountain biker and enjoy the outdoors. Apart from that I like motor-racing and enjoy hard rock music of any kind.

This blog is an avenue to voice my daily rants as a headhunter and to share my views and experience on the current industry.

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